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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> a show of unity brings thousands together. how virginia is now in the center of the controversy. remembering the victim. how a mother will always remember her daughter and the message she hopes others will learn from it. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we'll get to the live coverage in charlottesville in a moment. first, we want to get you ready for the start of your workweek. >> wtop's jack taylor is watching our commute. but first chuck bell is outside and will tell us how soon the rain will be back. >> the rain chances creep upwards once you get past 12:00 or 1:00. if you have something to do outside, better to do it early than late. rain chances will be increasing with time. comfortable enough start. here's the leading edge of the rain showers. south of roanoke. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. you'll notice when you walk outside this morning, there's a little bit on the humid si.
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63 in leesburg, virginia. 67 in riverdale. quiet enough and pleasant enough start. the outdoor planner, going to the pool today, i'd suggest before 2:00. not bad at all for a golf day today. boating, out on the open waters, not a bad day either. eating out lunch and dinner plans, a little hit and miss. rain chances at 30% in and around the washington area. highs in gaithersburg, 84 in winchester. highs mostly in -- >> rain chances are most likely along the i-81 corridor more so than the i-95 corridor. speaking of interstates, let's go to jack taylor whose finger is on the pulse of traffic. >> there it is. right there. right there. all right. 355 and southbound in bethesda, towards jones bridge road, right lane gets by the work zone. that should be in the clearing stajts. anybody else, like you turn the lights on and the work zone is cleared. the beltway itself has been
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there. interstates of virginia, 95, 395 all look good. no worries on 270. 95 on the bottom of maryland. 50s looking good at the bay bridge. the overnight work at the bay bridge possibly closing up. you have three lanes westbound and two lanes east. back to you. >> jack, thank you. now back to our coverage on the violence of charlottesville. one woman died during the weekend's violence in the city. >> the man accused of ramming his car into the group of people will make his first court appearance. alex fields is charged with second degree murder. people across the country are showing support for the charlottesville victim. one person was arrested at a demonstration at vcu in richmond. the group was protesting police and the white supremacist rally that caused c
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at times, the klan and the cops go hand in hand they said. >> speaking words of wisdom let it be. >> right now, there are candles and flowers lining the street where this deadly crash happened over the weekend. this morning, we've already seen people stopping by who are becoming overcome with emotion at that scene. >> much of that street is blocked off to investigators to preserve evidence. >> the people who call charlottesville home are trying to come to terms with what happened. news 4's derrick ward is live on what's happening there today. derrick? >> reporter: good morning again. this street, this stretch of fourth street and the intersection of fourth and warner are never going to be the same for people of charlottesville after what happened here this weekend. that's obvious already. it became immediately obvious once the crime scene was cleared and it became a bit of
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of course, heather heyer was the sole person to die in the carnage that ensued here once a driver drove into a crowd of protesters, sending bodies flying and several people injured. several dozen people injured. some of the people returned to the scene yesterday. it had been to be a painful time for them to come here. i think folks have to come here and try to make sense of what has happened in the city of charlottesville as they try to move forward and heal from this. it's unclear when officials will reopen the street. right now, it belongs to the mourning. here in washington, hundreds of people rallied against hate and violence last night. >> they're holding signs and candles. it was a huge crowd. this took place outside of the white house. this was one of many protests and rallies supporting the people of
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desk to show us more. aaron, eun, protests are going on from coast to coast. we begin in new york city. a lot of angry people, you can see right there, outside of trump tower last night. some shouting in the face of other people. many of the people held signs saying the trump/pence regime must go. thousands of miles away, this was the scene in seattle. take a look. hundreds of people there as well. some spraying the cops with the silly string. police said they separated opposing groups to prevent any more violence. and in california, there were anti-racism rallies all over the state. you can hear people singing
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you can see them making signs and marching as well in san francisco. in sort of thing happened in san diego and los angeles. there are more protests planned for today. eun? >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. we're also learning more about the victim in that deadly crash in charlottesville. heather heyer worked as a paralegal. her friends say she wasn't necessarily an activist but felt strongly about certain issues. her mother is struggling to understand what happened. >> i'm really not angry. i'm very sad. i'm very, very sad. but i can't be angry because angry will make me hate and hate only leads to more hate. there's just no point to that. >> heyer's mother hopes her daughter's death is able to serve a greater purpose. we're also learning more about the two virginia state troopers who died over the weekend. their helicopter crashed near charlottesville as they were patrolling the r.
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cullen. he had just been promoted to the aviation unit commander. trooper pilot berke bates would have celebrated his 41st birthday. the faa and ntsb are investigating what happened. >> we know you want all the information you can get after this violence in charlottesville. open the nbc washington app to see how national leaders are responding and what we've learned about the victims. you can follow our coverage on news 4. 5:07 our time now. the toll lanes, you love them or hate them. they're meant to quicken your commute. >> but that comes at a cost not everyone is willing to pay. news 4's adam tuss is live near the beltway in tysons with a look at where else virginia's governor would like to see these tolls. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. how about around the entire beltway. this was an idea floated last week at a pressey vent.
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virginia's governor, terry mcauliffe would love to see express toll lanes around the entire beltway. take a listen. >> my dream would be at some point we ought to have express lanes go all around the beltway. the entire circle of the beltway ought to be express lanes. i would fully support that in virginia. >> reporter: of course, there are a lot of express lanes in virginia. take a look here. they run between springfield and the american legion bridge. so there's a lot more that would actually have to be work here to get the express lanes up and running. the entire beltway is 64 miles. there's plenty of road that would have to make happen here. what do maryland officials say about -- there's been studies that say they're considering possibilities of putting express lanes all the way around the beltway. obviously, that would take a lot more construction and a lot of planning. guys, the region's long-term task force is
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possibility. what do you think, express lanes around the beltway to pay to get around traffic. weigh in with us on nbc washington. you can tweet me also on my facebook page. guys, back to you. >> adam tuss, live in tysons for us. >> i paid a $13 toll once. >> that's a lot of money. >> i can't do that on a regular basis. 5:09 now. good news for the washington nationals and bryce harper. >> it's basically the best possible news after a scary moment that has been shown over and over again on social media and sports shows across the country. >> great play. ryder jones to the bag to get harper who hits the bag and goes down. >> ouch. it's hard to watch. despite how serious that looked, we know that harper will be back this season. we just don't know exactly when. harper injured his knee saturday night when he slipped on first base. he doesn't have ligament or tendon ma
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>> take some time to definitely let it heal and i want to be at 100% whenever i play. the world series, especially on my mind. playoffs, things like that. >> people were concerned he tore his acl which he would have been out for the rest of the season and may not have made it for training. we're glad it's not that serious. >> they think ten days and reevaluate. >> whew. >> if you were at the game, you could hear harper scream from the upper deck apparently. >> he is on the disabled list right now. the nats are off today. they host the l.a. angels tomorrow night. it is the best way to view the solar eclipse, but you may have been scammed. why amazon is recalling special glasses and what you should look out for to keep your eyes safe. >> reporter: i'm molette green. are you ready for school? who has more back to school anxiety, theen
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good morning everybody. hope you enjoyed your weekend. sure was a pretty day to be outside yesterday. your monday is getting off to a nice dry start as well. rain chances are lower this week than the past few weeks. that doesn't mean you won't need your
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almost 5:14 on a monday morning. if you're someone who really loves the heat and humidity around here in the summertime, then the trend is your friend. today likely to be the coolest day of the week. temperatures may get back above 90 degrees for the first time in a while. as early as wednesday or thursday afternoon and could stay there for a couple of days. i'll show you the five-day forecast and start peeking at the weekend. that's coming up. chuck, thank you. as we head this morning on the beltway, we're off to a nice, quiet start for a monday morning. inner, outer loop, no delays. on 355 going southbound, new jones bridge road. just the right lane had been -- not a big delay. all in all, not a bad start. right now, nothing is in your way. back to you. >> jack, ncthank you. >> it's the first day of school for
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the new year brings anxiety. one of the things kids face bullying. >> molette green talked with a prince george's county mother about how she's helping her children. >> three kids in tow with school supplies in the shopping cart. >> i have purchased today some binders. >> anxiety builds for the howard family as the first day fast approaches. >> i have one in elementary, one in middle school and one going to high school. >> reporter: do you love school? >> yes. >> you can't wait to get back? >> i'm feeling a little nervous. each year i go to, it gets harder and harder. >> one of the biggest back to school worries, bullying, which could start on day one in the classroom. according to numbers from the nonprofit group, stand for the sile
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graders report being bullied. john howard has jitters. high school is a different world. >> on the first day of school, the first week, your mind might be more focused on trying to find a group to hang out with or find -- >> my high schooler is a very nice, friendly child and sometimes that translates into other things in the school system. >> her strategy, no cell phones which bullies often use to get around obstacles to their victims. child psychiatrist dr. dooms recommends a direct approach. >> you have to teach them to speak up. they can't keep that in private. somebody is threatening them or making them feel less than, you have to say something. >> it's a parent's job to keep children safe on and off school property. in prince george's county, molette green, news 4. >> all this week, we're helping
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tomorrow we'll look at who is smarter, girls or boys. you won't want to miss the interesting developments that parents should know before sending their kids off to class. i really think it depends on the kid. >> you're right, probably. we'll tell you who your kid should sit next to. >> no. >> sorry folks. 5:17 right now. the highly anticipated solar eclipse one week away and more counterfeit glasses are flooding the market. so amazon has recalled several solar eclipse glasses saying they may not meet standards. the company refunded an e-mail to anyone who bought them. if you didn't get an e-mail from amazon and concerns about your glass, reach out to customer service for a refund. as many of you gear up to catch the upcoming solar spectacle, it might mean that you're driving to find a good place to witness total darkness. >> but there are some things you should know if you plan to hit the road.
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been posted in places located along the path of the total eclipse. everywhere from oregon to casper, wyoming, the problem is that many places are small towns with not many big roads. so there could be so much traffic that you may have to find a new spot to watch history in the making. >> if the eclipse is starting to occur and you want to watch, pull over to a safe location to do so. >> police agencies are telling drivers to make sure you pull off the road, but not on the shoulder because you could get a ticket. they're urging people to not wear those eclipse glasses while driving. that could cause a problem. >> our own doug kammerer has his special glasses for the eclipse. chuck bell, i believe, has some as well. >> you bet. >> both are traveling to clemson, south carolina, for the big event. you can watch some of the reporting starting monday. >> i got
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vacation. going to see my sister in charlotte on the way to atlanta. then do that drive on monday. join in with doug and have fun at the stadium. >> for us who can't travel very far, where should we watch it, the best viewing point? >> around here, about 80% of the sun will be eclipsed if you don't want to leave washington. >> if you want to see the total eclipse, you have to go to the western carolinas. without any effort at all, you get 80%. >> i'll take it. >> that's not a bad deal. remember, a partially eclipsed sun, you have to have those safety glasses on the only safe time is look through it is during the totality part of the eclipse. we won't get a total eclipse here. it is unsafe to look at it at any point in time here. isolated shower chances today. not a guarantee of a dry day. not everyoneil
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tomorrow, warmer. wednesday, a lot more sunshine. back to heat and humidity around here for thursday and friday. it's a partly cloudy sky around us. rain chances are still down across parts of southern virginia. here's future weather coming up in a second. current temperatures, comfy 60s in the western suburbs. upper 60s and low 70s from i-95 to the bay. highs today only in the upper 70s and low 80s. officially a 30% chance for rain area wide. more in the 20 to 30% range here in the city. in that 30, 40, 50% chance on i-81, future weather. maybe a rumble of thunder or two by 3:00, 4:00. most of that staying out away. there will be at least a chance of getting wet right here inside the beltway later on today. rain chance, 30% today. tomorrow only an isolated shower. warmer. near 90 on wednesday. might have a first back-to-back 930s on thursday and friday.
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we've had 90 in two weeks. i've been enjoying the break and so has my ac. good morning, jack taylor. >> keep the 90s gone, please. going southbound, just the right lane getting by. should be in the wrap-up stage. 123 going southbound after the dulles connector road, a work zone, late clearing. only the left lane getting by. also jgeneric shots of the beltway, everything is looking decent. we're hearing of possible damage on beach drive. we have a tree down between broad branch. more coming up in a few minutes. jack, thank you. new calls for action after the violence in charlottesville. >> how folks still think and how they look at race relations and issues in 2017, pretty sad. >> the concerns from leaders and community
5:22 am
>> reporter: you're caring for kids in their community. i'm justin finch. the convenient way that children are getting medical care in our area and how your family might be able to take advantage. ellen has a packed show today. she will sit down with grace anatomy star,
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it is national health center week. research shows that one in every 15 americans rely on health centers for high quality, low cost care. >> for a quarter century, the children's health project in d.c. has brought the service toss families in need. news 4's justin finch shows us the unique way you can take advantage. >> how are you all doing? >> before back to school, it's back to the doctors. >> you thinkbo
5:26 am
ready for the doctor, building time into your day, what kind of stress can that be like as a mom? >> a lot. when you're working during the day and all that, it's a lot of work. >> this mom did her homework, connecting her girls, ages 4 and 7 to the children's hospital mobile clinic. >> who wants to go first? >> serving 4,000 kids in prince george's county and d.c. each year. they're seeing kids for required checkups and dental screenings for school. despite their ability to pay. at the atlantic department, staffers say the van is a hit. >> accessibility to health care for our children right here at our doorstep is huge. >> my 16-year-old, my 15-year-old came last week. >> another must for staff seeing clients in their communities helps to answer a lot of questions. >> we can see whether or not they have access to parks and recreation. what is the food resource ?
5:27 am
>> justin finch, news 4. the mobile clinic accepts insurance, medicaid and helps families uninsured. >> if you're a prince george's county or d.c. parent to book an appointment, go to our nbc washington app. search mobile clinic. it is 5:27ment memorials are growing in charlottesville. flowers, candles and pictures now mark the site to remember the victim from the weekend protests. we're there live with reaction, next. a difficult day at a d.c. high school. how class mighmates are
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♪ a somber remembrance and a nationwide controversy. the tributes happening now in charlottesville after deadly protests. it's capturing attention from coast to coast. leading to demonstrations from city to city. >> the accused killer heads to court. the man police say is responsible for the chaos. it is 5:30 now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we'll have a live report from charlottesville in just a minutes. first, storm team 4 is staying on top of showers and your commute. >> let's start with chuck bell. chuck, probably a
5:31 am
umbrella this morning? >> yeah. just know where it is. it's not raining now. but there is a chance for showers and maybe rumble or two of thunder coming in later on in the afternoon. highest rain chances will be for our friends and neighbors in the shenandoah valley. current temperature, 59 in winchester where showers are likely this afternoon. currently 6 in quantico where there's a chance. 72 right now in washington and again, only about a 20 to 30% chance of a rain shower in and around the city today. there's the four-part planner. mid-60s to get you started. sun not up until 6:21 this morning. most of the rain chances coming in after noontime. the ride home is more likely to be wet than the ride in. there's no rain out there. the ride in is absolutely going to be dry. if you're starting to think about the weekend, the most important thing to do on a monday morning, the afternoon hours look good. i couldn't rule out a chance of rain on saturday morning. the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. for now, time to go to
5:32 am
glass enclosed nerve center. >> thank you, sir. beach drive closed unfortunately due to the storm damage from over the weekend. park police headed there. between broad branch road. this is kind of debris. be aware. late clearing headed southbound at the dulles connector road. just the left lane is getting by. no kind of a delay so far. be aware it's out there. back to you. jack, thank you. 5:32 now. to our coverage of the violence in charlottesville as the world continues to focus on the violence from this weekend. people who call charlottesville home are trying to heal. >> derrick ward joins us live with more on the developments there this morning. derrick? >> reporter: good morning again. we're on fourth street as it leads to the intersection of water street. as you can see, this street has been converted to a place of
5:33 am
stop and the word hate added to it. that about sums up the mood in charlottesville. there is commerce on this street. there's a record store, a software concern and a bow teak. but the current scene -- nothing is open yet. a couple people did come by the memorial and stood there for several minutes in quiet contemplation. immediately after this accident happened, this was memorialized. there was one on main street in the pedestrian mall at first and then one on the corner and finally this one. once the police began or finished their investigation documenting the horror that happened here saturday morning. we don't know how long the street will remain a memorial. there are some writings and messages in the pavement and of course, the balloons, flowers and candles down there. eventually, they'll have to reopen the street. but officials are allowing that time for grieving. it's almost
5:34 am
there's a course it has to take. we're at the beginning of that course. aaron and eun, back to you. >> derrick, we'll be talking to the people still -- people you're talking to, still in shock over the violence? can you get information about what comes next? >> reporter: well, we attended a church service yesterday. actually, governor mcauliffe went to a local church. the mt. zion african baptist church. first african baptist church. the minister there talked about a day of reconciliation. this may have been been something that was planned before the tragedy happened here. now it takes on a new level of importance. that will come later this month, perhaps over the next couple of weeks. something that may have been planned before this happened, but takes on a new significance in the wake of what happened here this past weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you. derrick ward live in charlottesville for us. watching the local
5:35 am
coverage. get everything you need in the nbc washington app. a college bound teen was killed in a shooting. she was driving through the brentwood neighborhood in northeast d.c. when she was shot last week. she died on saturday. police say she was not the intended target here. philip mcdaniel has been arrested and charged in the shooting. police are looking for two other people who drove off in a gold colored honda accord with new jersey plates. the man on the fbi's most wanted list is no longer on the run. authorities arrested gomez this past friday in woodbridge. federal agents say gomez was wanted for the brutal murder of a man six years ago in new jersey. the fbi says gomez murdered that man for socializing with a rival gang member. a d.c. man is charged with stabbing his 81-year-old mother to death. d.c. police found ann cook suffering from multiple stab wounds inside her northeast tm
5:36 am
she died at the hospital. police arrested her son, 51-year-old derrick norman cook, yesterday. ann cook's neighbors will miss seeing her walk around the neighborhood. >> i used to laugh at her and say, how many miles you get into those legs? she would say, they're going to carry me as long as i can walk. >> neighbors say ann cook had lived in that neighborhood for more than 40 years. no word yet on a motive. 5:36 right now. rain is to blame for major damage at george washington's mt. vernon estate in northern virginia. this is according to wchlgt top. it was hit by 5.5 inches of rain in one hour on friday. mt. vernon's ceo says 100 feet of a brick wall fell over and a pathway between the mansion was soon washed out. no historical buildings were damaged, though. there is another reason for foodies to celebrate in our area. >> it is summer restaurant week. some of the best restaurants in
5:37 am
offering three-course lunches and dinners for reduced prices. coming up at 6:00, molette green is working for you in the community. information on how you can give back when you dine out this week. >> doing good while you're eating, that's my kind of eating. a year later and making pro are gres. how a unique restaurant is making a difference from ellicott city. we're staying on top of the situation in charlottesville. >> we need each other. now more than ever. >> remembrances under way this morning and how the
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last year's devastating flood in ellicott city damaged so many business this is downtown, now many have started to reopened. that includes the boutique that reopened in june. that store will hold a grand opening celebration at the new location out of the floodplain. the store gives jobs to children and adults who are on the autism spectrum. it gets under way at 3:00. nice to see that being rebuilt. >> absolutely. questions remain after a d.c. firefighter responding to a call says he ended up becoming the victim. this happened in broad daylight at
5:41 am
southeast yesterday. a spokesperson for the fire department says that four or five people at that home assaulted the firefighter. we're told he has mostly cuts and scrapes. other units were called to the scene and took the injured firefighter to the hospital. president trump is facing new criticism for his response to the violence in charlottesville. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. >> why members of his own party say that message isn't going far enough. now the white house is now trying to clarify his position. >> reporter: we all want a faster commute. but are you willing to pay for it? how about express toll lanes around the entire capitol beltway? i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you who is talking about that coming up. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. off to a nice and easy start to the workweek today.
5:42 am
outside here early this morning. still watching for a chance of a shower or two coming our way later on today. on the whole, it's going to be a warming trend and a drying trend as we go through the week. i'll show you the ten-day forecast coming up. chuck, we've got beach drive closed in northwest between joyce and broad branch. unfortunately, tree and storm debris across the roadway. park police are aware. we've got barriers in
5:43 am
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♪ protests from coast to coast. how the violence in charlottesville is causing thousands to raise their voices. an iconic photo that illustrates the pain, how this image has become a flash point of controversy and a rallying cry for action. head at 6:00, remembering the victim. strong words her mother wants
5:46 am
you to hear so her legacy will live on. 14 before the hour right now. president trump is under fire this morning for what he did not say in responding to saturday's violence in charlottesville. >> people on both sides of the aisle krit sides sizi -- critic the president. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. edwa edward, the president did condemn the violence in a way. how is the white house dealing with the backlash? >> reporter: the white house is saying the administration does not support these groups. they sent appoint yes from the president, his closest advisers have come out and very specific about condemning the acts and also the groups behind the acts. in fact, ivanka trump, the president's daughter and close advisers said named the groups specifically and saying neo-nazis, white supremacists have no place in american society. melania trump, first
5:47 am
hatred, they need to communicate without these acts of hatred. the president sending out folks or the white house sending out spo spokes men to say what he didn't say. >> the president continuing his vacation. will we expect more from him today? >> he is coming back to sign a memorandum related to china trade and starting an investigation into that. now, there may be some comments from the president later on today. we're not expecting something, however, there's been sharp criticism as you know against what he didn't say. we could hear some of those comments going further later on today. >> all right. edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us this morning. edward, thank you. the vice president, mike pence defended the president's response to the incident in charlottesville. he went further in singling out white nationalists for the violence. >> we have no tolerance for r e
5:48 am
supremacists, neo-nazis or the kkk. these dangerous fringe groups have no place in american public life and in the american debate. we condemn them in the strongest possible terms. >> right now the vice president is touring latin america and latin american countries. they accused the media of being more concerned with president trump's response than with condemning the violence. 5:48 now. guam is as prepared as any american community can be about the possibility of a north korean missile strike. overnight, leaders said evacuation isn't feasible but there are military actions put in place. people on the island are calling for peace after the escalating war of words between the president and kim jong un. they held this demonstration 'em fa siesing peace and respect. many are stressed thinking about the potential for military action or en
5:49 am
popping up along your commute. >> they are meant to quicken your drive to work. but it does come at a cost. now, virginia's governor says he would like to see more tolls. >> my dream would be at some point we ought to have express lanes go all the way around the beltway. the entire circle of the beltway all to express lanes, i would fully support that in virginia. >> you heard the governor there. news 4's adam tuss is live near the beltway to explain where and what this could mean for you. adam, good morning. may be paying a lot more money, too. >> reporter: well, absolutely. the express lanes, the price can go up and up and up. there's no cap on the amount of the toll. that's, of course, to give you a speedy commute. take a look at the express lanes in the tysons corner area. they run in this area from springfield to just north of the dulles toll road. not near the entire beltway. but let's show you a map of the
5:50 am
how much of an area we'd be talking about. the beltway is 64 miles from end to end. all the way around. that is a lot more work needed to make something like express toll lanes go around the beltway. now the virginia governor is saying he would like to see it happen. well, other leaders are actually studying this possibility. it's being kicked around in maryland as transportation leaders are trying to figure out what to do for their side of the beltway. the region's long-term transportation planners are actually looking at this as well. will it happen? well, take a lot more study to see if it's actually going to happen. we'll have to keep our ear on it. weigh into my twitter and facebook pages. back to you. >> adam tuss, live in tysons for us. thank you. get ready to pay if you plan to park in alexandria. metered parking is going into effect on callahan drive. this change will allow people to park longer than the current two-hour restriction. the meter rates a
5:51 am
bucks. >> can't park anywhere anymore. you have to pay a premium all the time. >> what do i get in return for it? >> nothing. >> you'll get nothing and like it. >> the express lanes leave him still stuck in traffic. if you have a helicopter and you're not using it, aaron would really appreciate -- >> if it costs a thousand dollars an hour to fly, he'll cover that. >> wait a minute. >> 72 lovely degrees here in washington. light northeast wind now averaging 5 miles per hour. it was a dry start to the day today. couple of clouds around. but no raindrops just yet. rain chances are likely to increase as we get into the afternoon. so keep that in mind. here's future weather then. skies partly to mostly cloudy. towards 1:00, 2:00, in the afternoon, that's when chances of rain creep up. higher rain chances today along the shenandoahal
5:52 am
this illustrates showers you could brave the d.c. metro area. you can see through the kofrts day the rain chances are focused along the higher elevations west of the blue ridge. things generally try out overnight. we'll start off again partly cloudy tomorrow morning. then tomorrow, notice fewer and farther drops across the landscape for tomorrow. today, probably going to be our best chance for rain out of the next two or three days. temperatures, once the rain chances go down, the temperatures will start to go up. not a big surprise there. speaking of temperatures, 62 at dulles airport. 63 in montgomery county. 59 in winchester, virginia. 64 in fredericksburg. if you're planning out your day, a comfy start to the day. a lot of clouds around. rain chances today are highest near i-81 and even around town, there could be a stray shower or two. we'll keep you posted on that. on your nbc washington app, go to the interactive radar feature
5:53 am
today's rain chance 30%. tomorrow, chances of rain below 20%. wednesday and thursday look dry. getting warmer again. we haven't been 90 degrees in almost two weeks. woef we have a couple of days 90 or higher. rain chances early saturday. most of your weekend should be dry. let's go over to jack taylor now and see how he's doing at wtop thank you, sir. the storms did damage to drees on the roadway. for now, it's blocked between joyce and broad branch road. be careful driving through the area. we'll look at 95, the early delay in virginia. 95 northbound near 610. a brief delay in woodbridge. not too bad. if you're riding the rails, blue and yellow lines expected delays. that's from an earlier train malfunction out of king street. our crash on 66 eastbound, i believe at this point, it's re
5:54 am
they're moving it to the shoulder. there's a crash behind it in the delay. that also moves over to the left shoulder. back to you. >> jack, thank you. 5:54. in news for your health this morning, if you feel stressed out at work, join the club. new research from the rand corporation reveals american workers on the whole feel physically and emotionally taxed. one in four don't have enough time to do their job and half work on free time. there is good news. many say their boss is supportive and they have very good friends at work. >> to have the support systems in place. >> yeah. >> the way you sleep may reveal how smart you are. a study by an alexandria-based nonprofit found people who wept to college and grad school were less likely to sleep in the fetal position. the fetal position is the most common sleeping position among americans caused by that. they were described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart.
5:55 am
unless you add chocolate, you sometimes have to get -- >> if you're out of chocolate, you curl up in a ball and cry? got it. >> shoppers rejoice. it's tax-free week in maryland. >> that means you won't have to pay sales tax on clothes, shoes and certain school supplies. here's what you need to know. only certain items are exempt from the 6% sales tax. that includes clothing, shoes that are $100 or less. you're exempt on the first $40 of backpacks and book bags. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. a new player in the online grocery game. german supermarkets aldi is teaming up with insta cart. a pilot program will start in los angeles, atlanta and dallas with possible expansions to other cities. all these testing the waters to gauge demand.
5:56 am
grocery spending could top $100 billion by 2025. that's your cnbc business report. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. she's the mastermind behind popular shows, but shonn da rhymes is leaving abc. the powerhouse show runner has signed a multiyear deal with netflix to create new shows. officials at the streaming channel say she's one of the greatest story tellers in the history of television. the "wall street journal" estimates that she will get at least $10 million a year for the new deal. if you think about the success, i think we're getting our money's worth. it's happened again apparently. hackers who broke into hbo's computer network released more unaired episodes of some of the network's top shows. this time from the highly anticipated return of larry david's curb your enthusiasm.
5:57 am
insecure much the hackers did noft release episodes of gang of thrones this time. next on "news4 today" at 6:00 a.m., what's up with the potomac river? >> good question. if you notice the color of the water is off, you're not the only one. how this is connected to your drinking water and what's being done about it now. plus an injury update. we're hearing from bryce harper, what this means -- the fall, what it means to the future of the nats superstar. >> reporter: before there's healing, there is mourning. the city of charlotte after a troubling weekend. more coming up on news 4.
5:58 am
5:59 am
anger and outrage. deadly attacks fueled by hate. protests and rallies ripple across the country. in just hours, the focus will shift from the scene to the courthouse in charlottesville. plus, back to school weather. take a look at the horizon, live from chopper 4 this morning. a pretty picture here. what you can expect as local students return to class. in the kitchen for d.c. restaurant week. dining with a purpose all about feeding those who don't have enough to eat. that's coming up on news
6:00 am
good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> tan going and everything. >> oh, you know. i love being outside. with my kids and the beach and my family. >> happy to have you back. the "news4 today" team all here to get you ready for the day. >> chuck, kids are heading back to school already. we begin with the storm team 4 forecast. hard to believe it's that time of the year already. >> i know. down at the beach, every time i saw a kid, i was thinking tick tock, tick tock, kiddos. you'll be back in school before you know it. those starting school today, off to a dry start. slight chance for a few showers later on today. but nothing major. there's a live picture of capitol hill and the beautiful potomac river. nice way to get the day started. an isolated shower chance or two today. turning warmer tomorrow. more sunshine towards the mide


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